Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Here it is! The new Christmas prize candle. Grand prize is a beautiful diamond ring plus many other prizes. Will you be the winner? You can only be a winner by purchasing this candle. Scent of red spruce.
The question is: Have you been naughty or nice?

Naughty Or Nice - Red Spruce Scented - Triple-Layered Soy Candles and Tarts with Instant Prizes Bring the holidays home with our festive Naughty or Nice Red Spruce scented triple-layered soy candles and tarts. Warm your hearts with the classic aromas of cinnamon, juniper, Siberian fir, cedar, and green apple topped with spiced clove. This year, we've been hit with the Naughty and Nice stick! Inside every Limited Edition Naughty or Nice Red Spruce scented soy candle and tart is your choice of men's or women's jewelry, a Prize Entry Code to win Bonus Prizes, and a special gift just for you! To top it off, one lucky person will win a stunning Diamond ring with 2.40 Ct, VS-1, F color, and 6 prong Tiffany setting! - See more at:

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    Sunday, November 13, 2016

    Our new Body Scrubs are now available. Choose Vanilla, Lemongrass or Lavender. 
    Luxurious Body Scrubs 

    Monday, November 7, 2016

    Even the naughty have a chance to win this stunning diamond ring!  But you can't win if you don't enter! Entering is easy, just light a Naughty or Nice candle, or melt a Naughty or Nice tart, enjoy the festive Red Spruce aroma while you wait for your jewelry reveal. Every candle or tart will come with at least one code that once activated on the website will enter you into the grand prize drawing!So whether you are Naughty or Nice, you can still win!

    Saturday, September 17, 2016

    Just one of our new fall scented candles for you to enjoy.

    Who remembers the smell of a campfire & making smores?

    Friday, August 26, 2016

    Do you like the scent of flowers when you open your door and walk into your home? Or do you prefer the scents of the outdoors or maybe a nice fruity scent to greet you when you walk inside. Whatever your preference, we can fill your choice and make your home smell wonderful every single day.

    Enjoy the Smell of lilacs

    Sunday, August 7, 2016

    Relax And Enjoy

    When it's time to relax choose a good book and the delicious aroma of this beautiful scented candles.

    Layered Candle with Jewelry Inside A perfect blend of your favorite scents   First - Day at the Spa Enjoy a spa-like aromatherapy scent guaranteed to create the perfect oasis for your senses. You will find it truly relaxing, pampering, and inviting. Second - Vanilla A classic scent that calls to mind the warm memories of home, comfort, and family. Simply vanilla, simply wonderful! Third - Lavender Be whisked away to the rugged hills of Provence and accept your luxurious invitation to well-being with this soft and soothing scent.

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    Enjoy Your Day

    It's Sunday.  Time to sit back relax with a good book and enjoy the delicious aroma of a candle from JewelryInCandles.  Enjoy your day.

    Saturday, August 6, 2016

    Black Cherry Candle

     This is the first candle I burned when I joined JewelryInCandles and I fell in love with these candles and tarts.

    My New Favorite Tart For Now

    Just tried these awesome cherry vanilla tarts. Love them.
    Love every candle & tart from

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    Domestic Abuse Story: Safe Haven written by Nicholas Sparks

    Safe Haven written by Nicholas Sparks

    Safe Haven is written by Nicholas Sparks, who is a well know author of well written love, romance and relationship stories that touches his readers hearts. Safe Haven does just that: It is the spellbinding story of a young woman who is running from a mysterious past while attempting to start a new life in a small town in North Carolina. Safe Haven also has elements of a thriller and suspense story that makes this book a real page turner. It is also the story of domestic abuse.

    Katie is the main character of this book and her story unfolds slowly as the story switches from the present to the past. The story also switches between the main characters to give the reader insight into what is motivating each character. Katie, for instance, is revealed to be a victim of domestic abuse which she was lucky to escape.
    Katie has just moved to the small town of South Port, North Carolina and has taken a job in a local diner as a waitress. She arrived in town by bus with very little money and just a small suitcase of personal belongings. With her limited money, Katie has managed to rent an old, run down cabin which is close enough for her to walk everywhere she needs to go.

    Katie And Alex Begin

    Katie is attempting to start life anew and she tries her best not to form any relationships and hopes that no one will even notice her. All Katie wants is to live quietly, simply and safe. However, her neighbor Jo is a friendly grief counselor and Katie finds herself enjoying having a friend. Katie also meets Alex, a widower with two small children, Josh and Kristen. Alex owns a small store near Katie's rented cabin which is close enough for her to walk to. Alex had never really thought of a new relationship until he befriends Katie because his daughter has also formed an attachment to Katie. Alex observes Katie and knows she is hiding something and by her actions and his previous training, he is almost certain she has been a victim of domestic abuse. Although Katie tries not to become involved Alex slowly begin to win her trust and build a solid friendship. Katie eventually begins to confide in Alex about her past. In time, the two begin to date and it doesn't take long before the relationship turns serious.

    Kevin's Story

    At times, then the story switches back to Kevin, the husband who has abused Katie and whom she managed to escape from. The story also goes into the abuse and Katie's escape. The author tells Kevin's version of the marriage, and shows Kevin's psychological instability as he deals with Katie having deserted him and his job as a policeman. Kevin has refused to admit to anyone that his wife has left him and is having trouble with his drinking and keeping his job. Kevin uses his resources as a police officer to try to locate Katie but has not had any luck with that. While drinking heavily, Kevin also quotes the Bible quite frequently. This is an interesting look at the other side of domestic abuse and mental illness.

    The Conclusion

    Eventually, from an unexpected source, Kevin does find Katie's new identify and everything comes to a violent ending as Katie must fight desperately for the man and the children she has come to love more than anything. Katie has found her safe haven and will not give it up easily.

    Some statics on domestic violence

    Domestic abuse statics
    Domestic abuse is any form of physical, emotional, controlling, sexual assault forced on another, male or female, by their partner against their will.
    Domestic abuse statics:
    • Every 9 seconds a woman in the USA is a victim of domestic abuse
    • 1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic abuse
    • Domestic abuse is a major leading cause of injury to women
    • 3 or more women are murdered every day by a husband/boyfriend
    • Men whose fathers hit their mothers are twice as likely to abuse their partners

    Thursday, April 28, 2016

    True Sisters Book Review Written By Sandra Dallas

    True Sisters is a novel written by Sandra Dallas.
    While this story is not an actual true story and the characters are not based on real people, it is a story of an event in American history. It is based on journals, accounts and stories from the people who survived the hardships of the 1,300 mile journey across the United States from Iowa to Salt Lake City, Utah.

    This novel is about the struggle for survival against enormous hardships. At the same time it is also the story of strong, courageous women from very different backgrounds who learn to love each other and form bonds as strong as any blood sisters, thus making them True Sisters.

    Ella and Nannie
    Ella Buck is a young married woman, who along with her husband Andrew, and her sister Nannie have come from Edinburgh, Scotland as new Mormon converts. They made the decision to seek a better life and follow their faith all the way to Salt Lake City, Iowa. Brigham Young has declared that the Utah territory will be the Mormons new Zion. They will sail from Europe, then go by train to Iowa where they are to meet up with other new Mormon converts.
    Ella is pregnant with the couple's first child and Nannie is hoping to find a husband when they arrive in Salt Lake City. All three are full of hope and confident of a bright, happy and prosperous future when they reach Salt Lake City. But they have no idea what hardships they will face along the way west.

    Annie Sully
    Annie Sully had been given little choice about making the trip to America and the journey west. She had not converted to Mormonism and did not want to give up her own faith but her husband John had converted and he had made the decision to leave London and join the other converts in Iowa. Annie had been quite content with her life in London. Her father had left her a successful gentlemen's clothing shop. Annie was happy to continue the business with her husband. Annie also had three small children and is pregnant with a fourth child. She is quite concerned with giving birth in a strange country while pushing a handcart across the country for 1,300 miles. Nevertheless, John has sold their business and even given most of their money to the elders of the church so that others can afford to make the trip also.
    Annie has made the choice to follow John against her better judgment, but she will face many trials, heartache and hardships along the way. But she will also find other women who will love her, and care for her and her family even though she holds steadily to her own faith.
    Louisa Tanner
    Louisa Tanner is a newly married young woman whose husband is Thales Tanner, one of the missionary leaders. He is in charge of one hundred of the new converts who will be heading west. Louisa feels she is very lucky to have such an important man as her husband. Along with Louisa, her sister Huldah and her elderly parents will be making the journey west. Not all of them would survive the grueling journey.
    Jessie Cooper
    Jessie Cooper and Louisa Tanner have always been good friends. Before Louisa married Thales Tanner, he had previously courted Jessie. The two friends did not let this come between them, because truthfully Jessie was happy that Louisa had married Thales. She felt that Louisa was a much better match for Thales. Jessie was sure that when she arrived in Salt Lake City that she would find a husband of her own. Jessie and her brothers Ephraim and Sutter had made the decision to leave their tenant farm in the hopes of finding good fertile land in the Salt Lake Valley. So they sold their small farm and belongings and paid for their passage to America. They met the handcart train in Iowa. Jessie and her brothers were optimist and excited about their future never guessing what hardships lay in store for them. 
    The Journey Begins
    Near the end of July 1856, the Martin Company of converted Mormons slowly started on the long journey. Everyone was in high spirits and excited to be on their way. Families would walk and push and pull their handcarts which held their meager possessions. Each person was allowed seventeen pounds to be put on their carts but along the way much of their worldly goods would end up being left behind.

    The carts were made of green lumber and poorly made. There were no oxen or horses to pull the carts, they would be pulled by human power only.
    This is the story of these four brave, courageous women as they faced unbelievable dangers, heartbreak, death of loved ones and hardships on their journey. These women would have to learn to help, love and lean on each other. There would of course, be many other members of the Martin Company they would meet and help along the way but these four would become Truly Sisters for the rest of their lives.

    Reasons I Recommend Reading True Sisters
    • I truly enjoyed reading True Sisters. I had never even heard of this part of our American history until I read this book. If you enjoy reading about history, this is a great novel
    • The book is well written and the characters well developed
    • It is an emotional story that will tug at your heart. It did mine
    • It is the type of book that will keep you interested from start to finish